San Rafael Elks Lodge #1108

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House Committee

Chairperson: Alan Quinton

Member: Karin Ludwig

Member: Doug Monti

Member: Vern Rogers

Member: Kevin Loder

Exalted Ruler, Nick Kokalis


First, it’s imperative that the Lodge find new avenues to generate revenue for repairs, maintenance, and much-needed upgrades. I would like to see the Lodge transformed into a beautiful place, worthy of the property and location on which it sits.
My second objective is to increase our pool of volunteers so that we may be able to take on some of
these much-needed projects. To accomplish these goals, I ask you, the members of this Lodge, for assistance.
Our Lodge meeting is on the first and third Thursday of every month. I encourage all members to attend these meetings. It’s a perfect time to sign up as a volunteer or discuss any thoughts or ideas you have before or after the meeting with one of our Lodge officers.

Also, the Lodge lost it’s great Youth Activities Committee Chair when our fellow Elk
member, Itamar Bikszer, moved up to Oregon. As a result, the Lodge is looking for a
Member to step into this very important role for our Member’s, their families and our youth

Interested in being an officer?  Please contact me directly! 


See you soon, Nick Kokalis


5-Year Trustee: Mike Mahoney

4-Year Trustee: George Kokalis
3-Year Trustee: Dennis McNell, PER
2-Year Trustee: Sarah Wheeler
1-Year Trustee: Mark Giosso, PER

Joe was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. He spent his first 18 years growing up all over the world. Joe is a Registered Respiratory Therapist, with a BA in Business Management. Joe married Robyn in 1988 and moved to the Bay Area from Hawaii. When they decided to start a family, Joe gave up his million-mile flier lifestyle to stay closer to home.  Joe currently serves as a Dept Mgr for Kaiser where he oversees Respiratory and Communication.
Their daughter, Gabriella, is a senior in High School. She enjoys dance, theater, speaking French and playing guitar. She often participates in lodge activities and the “Great” Northwest District Jamboree.

Joe joined  #1108 in 2004. He has been Esquire, Loyal Knight, Leading Knight, and Exalted Ruler. Joe has held many District Chairs.  He is a proud re-occurring member/donor of the Elks National Foundation and CHEMPI.  Joe’s leisure activities include time with his family, cooking, painting, fishing and watching Marvel Comics Super hero movies.


Lodge Hours

Monday - Friday  5 - 9 pm


Our 2017-18 Officers

 Mark Giosso, State Vice President

California Hawaii Elks Association

Born and raised in Marin County, Mark attended Sir Francis Drake High School,  Indian Valley College, and Arizona State College majored in auto technology and electrical engineering.  Mark is married to Faith and they have three children Victor, Tommy and Connor.   Mark joined the Elks in 1981 was Exalted Ruler in 1986-1987.   Mark has served on many lodge committees as well as the district chairman various committees.
Mark’s passions in the Elks are Veterans and Ritual.



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Allensby Trust

Chairman – Lorn Dreitzler -
Secretary – Ken Franceschi -
Treasurer – Don Gregory
Trustee – Dan Dufficy
Trustee – Tom Knopf
Trustee – Steve Spicer
Trustee – Dave Nelson


My two objectives for our Lodge ~

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