Sandy Gowan is our current State Vice-President, representing our district at State level. Northwest District includes:  Crescent City, Eureka, Lakeport, Napa, Novato, Petaluma, San Rafael, Ukiah and Vacaville

Exalted Ruler, Travis Jones


Happy New Year San Rafael!

We’ve had a lot of great Elk events in 2016. One of our recent events, the family holiday
party, probably saw the most attendance it’s seen in quite a few years. The house was
packed with families and friends for dinner, we presented a good chunk of money to local
charities and Santa took time out of his schedule to give presents to all the kids. In my
book, it just doesn’t get much better than that.

2016 was great and I know we can do even better in 2017, but we really need your help.
Please check out the calendar and find something that interests you. Attend a meeting
and ask how you can help.

Interested in being an officer?  Please contact me directly! 


Allensby Trust

Travis Jones

5-Year Trustee: George Kokalis
4-Year Trustee: Dennis McNell, PER
3-Year Trustee: Sarah Wheeler
2-Year Trustee: Mark Giosso, PER
1-Year Trustee: Mike Mahoney

"Great" Northwest District Deputy Leader -

Byron Pierson

Byron was born April 11, 1958 in Lakeport CA. Lived in Potter Valley, CA until he was 4. From there he moved throughout CA until he ended in Sparks, NV where he graduated Sparks High School in 1976. Byron joined the Air Force after High School. He was in the security police field and stationed in Las Vegas, NV until he was discharged in 1980. After the Air Force he was visiting his dad who was in construction. His dad needed some help on a job and asked Byron to come out and help. When Byron got that first pay check he was hooked.




Our 2016~17 Officers


Chairman – Lorn Dreitzler
Secretary – Ken Franceschi
Treasurer – Don Gregory
Trustee – Dan Dufficy
Trustee – Tom Knopf
Trustee – Steve Spicer
Trustee – Dave Nelson

Elks do a lot to help local charities and give back to the community!


About us

Contact us:

Exalted Ruler - Travis Jones
Leading Knight - Nick Kokalis
Loyal Knight - Itamar Bikszer
Lecturing Knight - Eric Holm
Esquire - Alan Quinton
Chaplain - Doug Monti
Inner Guard - Vern Rogers
Tiler - Tad Inouye
Organist - Ron Bender

Soloist - Wendy Loder
Treasurer - Lou Philips

Secretary - Monica McMillan