Spring is here! Let's enjoy the beautiful growing garden that we have right on our own property just steps from the kitchen. Our great chefs and cooks will be picking harvest for our meals, as well as meals that we use to raise funds for the Lodge.

We will have tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, edible flowers and herbs like cilantro, basil, sage, thyme and oregano and other items as well.

Volunteers are needed RIGHT NOW for the 2021 spring clean up (i.e. weeding) of our kitchen garden to prepare it for the growing season. Fresh soil has been delivered to the small parking area just above the kitchen, and it now needs to be 'tossed' over the fence down to the growing plots. Then it will need to be taken by wheelbarrow to the raised beds, amending the soil there by mixing it in. Also a general weeding of the entire area needs to be done.

Eric Proteau, Garden Chair and Volunteer Coordinator, is heading-up this project.

Can you help? Gathering and harvesting needed - contact Eric.Gathering and harvesting needed - contact Eric.

If you are interested, or can definitely help out, please call Eric Proteau at 415-457-8042 or email him at: eproteau48@gmail.com