Lodge Update - March 2018

Officer Installation - Sunday, March 11th @ 11 am (social hour starts at 10 am)

Exalted Ruler, Alan Quinton. Leading Knight, Eric Holm. Loyal Knight, Doug Monti. Lecturing Knight, Vern Rogers. Esquire, Jennifer O'Mara. Chaplain, Jonathan Harb. Inner Guard, Oscar Lozano. Tiler, Stewart Munson PER.
Treasurer, Tad Inouye. Secretary, Monica McMillan.
5 yr Trustee, Mark Giosso

POOL Reminder: Pool ideas? members pay? family pays? please come talk to the House Committee if you have suggestions.

Lodge Maintenance (inside and out) REPORT an incident, repair or concern via the website. House Committee will address issues as reported.

Membership Dues! -  $275 due BEFORE March 31st 2018 - (includes per capita State and Grand Lodge fees)

Want to help in an administrative capacity? 

the office has lots of filing that is archived, antique, and just needs to get done.

Call the office to set up a convenient time to do a few volunteer hours. (415) 453 1108 or secretary@elks1108.org