Youth & Americanism: Essay Theme: “Why Our Veterans are America's Heroes”

Awards Dinner for winners - May 10th 2018 (invitations are being sent to top winners for each category)

Some Themes of previous Essays... 

  • Yes, Vote: Your Right, Your Power, Your Choice
  • Voice of Citizens
  •  In Honor of Those Who Sacrificed for Us
  • When I Grow Up
  • Diversity
  • Rights of Citizenry: Our Country’s Evolution
  • Ageism at its Best  
  • Voting is Not Just About a President
  • Civic Responsibility & Privilege
  • What is Voting/Fairness
  • The Eternal Optimist
  • Out of the Mouths of Babes

In order to honor all of the youth’s efforts, the Essay Committee selected a salient point from each essay last year to share with the Lodge. The list is long, but what a better way to honor the speech of our youth—reading and listening to what they have to say.

5th & 6th Grade:

“Voting establishes a country’s strength.”

“Honor the sacrifices people made so your voice can be heard when theirs wasn’t.”

“Biggest role in voting is always the people who have unique and di

“...Contributions of the individual are important to everyone.”

“Americans should be lucky that we have this opportunity the chance to help and maybe, to change the world.”

“Apathy is dangerous to a democracy.” “Imagine a world where no one gets to vote.”

7th & 8th Grade:

“The most crucial act of democracy.”

“Voting is my power and a human right.”

“Voice your opinion and maybe you’ll stand out.”

“We the people have the power to change virtually anything we want when we work together to vote.”

“Most people in the world do not have a say in who runs their country...”

“Our future is at stake and we should not take that lightly.”

“If we don’t vote, then we are simply wasting our freedoms.”

“With each

“Your choice to vote, or not, will have

“I wish that Americans that don’t

“Imagine, living in a country with no voting.” “Voting is fair and important. Let’s keep it that way.”

“Vote. You must earn your right to complain.” “Be grateful about this right.”

Theme: Yes, Vote: Your Right, Your Power, Your Choice

“Voting gives us the freedom of choice.”

Your vote can make a huge di erence in an election.”


“Voting makes people feel as if they have freedom. Freedom to contribute to society and change things they feel are incorrect or need to be altered.”

“The power of your vote is extraordinary.”

“It is one of the most

“Voting is my power and a human right.”

“Democracy means ‘People Force’. We have the force and power to elect our leader and we should take advantage of that gift.”

“Voting is our chance to make a di erence in our own lives and the future generations to come.”

“Your vote could change your community, your

“It is

“ is important to vote because we get to choose what hap-pens.”

“Every vote changes the game.” “You may just make a di erence.”

“Voting for someone with that much power should not be some- thing one just passes up.”

“The US would never be the same without the citizens right to vote.”

“Sometimes, only 1% of the votes can change the outcomes of the election.” Nixon vs Kennedy

“Voting is very

“Voting can make a di erence in the outcome of an election.” “Who you give your vote to

“Your vote helps determine who will shape the policies of the U. S. A. now and in the future.”

“You need to vote for whoever you think will be a great  t.”

“You want someone in o

“Every single vote counts and will most likely

“One of the reasons it’s important to vote is because you can have your own needs ful lled.”

“The next president is in your hands.”

Theme: Voice of Citizens

5th & 6th Grade:

“I think it is extremely important to vote because it gives you a chance to say what you believe in and what you think the United States needs to work on.”

“Voting in the United States of America gives citizens a voice in the government allowing them to choose their leaders and decide on issues.”

7th & 8th Grade:

“Voting is our voice”

“You are sharing your opinions, contributing to society and you are expressing the right of freedom of speech.”

“ can have a voice without speaking.”

“voting allows our voice to be heard in an orderly fashion.”

“People want your opinion, so you should give it to them.”

“You should vote because people want your opinion.”

“Voting gives us the right to have our voices and opinions heard.”

“If you want your opinion to be heard and count, you need to vote.”


“Voting can change your life.”

Theme: In Honor of Those Who Sacrificed for Us

5th & 6th Grade:

“People spent years and years  

“Many people fought for your right to vote.”

7th & 8th Grade:

“This country fought long and hard for the opportunity and free- dom to decide the laws and leaders of our country.”

“None... happened without the shedding of blood,

“When voting, you show appreciation to the veterans who have served the country so that we could be free and have the right to vote.”

“We fought long and hard for this right...”

“Voting is a way of honoring

“Voting was fought for, shed tears for, made sacri ces for...” “Honor the millions who have died...exercise your right to vote.”

Theme: When I Grow Up

“I am very proud to be an American and how lucky I am to be able

to vote when I’m 18 and have a say in my future.”

Theme: Diversity

5th & 6th Grade:

“in the old days, only rich white men were allowed to vote.” “Voting gives everybody an opportunity...”

7th & 8th Grade:

“We can see our government with di

Theme: Rights of Citizenry: Our Country’s Evolution

“Our rights of being a citizen should not be wasted.”

“Everyone that is an American Citizen can vote, thanks to the 15th Amendment.”

“Originally, in 1776, only men who owned land and paid taxes could vote.”

“As an African American/Native American Female, I will never take my voting for granted, as I would feel like I was dishonoring my ancestors who fought so that I could have the right to vote.”

“I will not let Susan B. Anthony, Alice Paul, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, or anyone else down when I go to the polls in 4 years.”

“I will never take my voting rights for granted, as I would feel like I was dishonoring my ancestors who fought so that I would have the right to vote.”

“I know that many women before my generation have fought for me to be able to vote when I turn 18, and...”

“A woman through herself under King George’s Horse during a race, to emphasize a woman’s right to vote.”

Theme: First Generation Americans

“Voting is very important to me and to my family because most of my family members do not have the opportunity to voice their opinions on election days. This is why voting is important to me.”

“The only immigrants that get to vote are ones that have earned their citizenship.”

“Lots of people in this country can’t vote until they pay a fee and take a citizenship test.”

Theme: America & the World

5th & 6th Grade:

“The future of America depends on who is elected.”

“When you vote, you should think about voting before you vote... you think that person can change America into a better place.

7th & 8th Grade:

“Voting is my power and a human right. Citizens in countries do not get to vote for laws or presidents, like we do.”

“Since we are one of the few that have a democracy and the right to vote we have a responsibility.”

“I feel sad and angry everyone doesn’t have the right to vote.”

“Voting is a privilege other countries don’t possess.”

“voting could change America’s future, forever.”

“Elections are constantly changing and the result of the election will change our country, forever.”

“To begin, voting is a privilege bestowed upon American citizens that allows us to make a di erence by choosing our leaders or laws.”

“The people who win elections now will set policies that have far reaching e ects on peoples all over the world.”

“Who you give your vote to

“In our society, it is up to us to make the right decision. You matter, and you shouldn’t be afraid.”

“Our votes in uence ourselves, our communities, our country and even the world.”

Theme: Every Vote Counts...Compromise

7th & 8th Grade:

“The count was so close that every single vote was precious.”

“If you want your opinion to be heard and count, you need to vote.”

“Every vote counts.” “All voters make a di erence. Opinions matter.”

“If everyone votes we can compromise so that the president can meet everyone’s needs.”

“There will be a time to vote someone out.”

“Voting decides our future.”

“Many people take voting as a joke....but one vote can give hope.”

“It is important to take advantage of the privilege we have been given.”

“You could vote for the lesser of two evils, rather than allow the country to elect a bad president.”

Theme: Apathy 

5th & 6th Grade:

“Apathy is dangerous to a democracy.”

“If nobody voted, the government wouldn’t be a democracy anymore.”

“Don’t let the opponent win, because you abstained.” “If you don’t

“Every vote counts, because if you don’t vote, then you are giving your opponent an extra vote.”

“If you don’t vote, you are giving other people the power to make decisions for you.”

“When you don’t vote, it will give a small amount of Americans power over the majority.”

“If you never vote the situation will never change.” “Your vote shouldn’t be taken as a joke.”

“Our lives end the day we become silent about things that matter” MLK

“Although may people are skeptical about voting,

“If you don’t vote, you will have no say in who is elected.” “Non-voters believe their vote doesn’t count.”

“Some people don’t care about

“In conclusion, I titled the essay “The Huge Importance of Voting” as I have some family members who do not vote, and I will show them this essay and hopefully they will learn something new which might change their minds.”

“If you don’t vote, there may be a

Theme: Ageism at its Best 

7th & 8th Grade:

“Older people know what’s happening, while kids don’t, because of homework.”

“Children might vote for someone who could bring the country into a dark age.”

“If people under the age of 30 didn’t vote, think about what could happen.”

“Once you hit 18 you are  nally able to do so many things as a young adult and voting is a big one.”

Theme: Voting is Not Just About a President 

7th & 8th Grade:

“Elections decide not only who will lead the country, but who else will represent the people’s opinions.”

“a time when we, the public, have a say in what laws may be passed and who they will be carried out by.”

“Even if one voted and their candidate did not win, they still get to vote on other important matters and laws”

“Votes shape all kinds of policies that

“Propositions are almost as important as voting for president.”


“Voting is very

“It s important to

“Voting prevents dictatorships, makes laws that people stand by and it keeps the checks and balances of the government.”

“Voting is not just for the President. The President does not make the laws.”

Theme: Civic Responsibility & Privilege 

7th & 8th Grade:

“Choosing someone who will make laws that will help people... they will make laws that will help the poor or anyone with special conditions.”

If you live here, you should take responsibility for your elected o cials.”

“Voting contributes to our overall well-being, as a Democracy”

“The United States is a democratic republic and that should be reason enough.”

“Voting is our civic duty and it’s the easiest thing we can do to contribute to our society.”


“Encourage others to vote.” “Voting allows you to be a more enlightened being.” “Voting is not a right; it’s a responsibility and privilege.”

“We can help our nation grow. Help the people know.”

Theme: What is Voting/Fairness

5th & 6th Grade:

“Privilege to vote.” “...a fair way to decide on an opinion.”

“If we didn’t have


Theme: The Eternal Optimist

“The candidate could turn employment around, make more jobs available, resolve health care, change relationships between the US and other countries and maybe even turn around the trillions we owe.”

Theme: Out of the Mouths of Babes 

“They will do great and smart things and not ridiculous things.”

Theme: Other

“Choosing someone who will make laws that will help people... they will make laws that will help the poor or anyone with special conditions.”

“Uneducated voters can make a negative impact on an election.”