1108 Campaign

Will You Join Us to Continue Our Tradition?

The Trustees and Lodge Officers thank you for everything you do to support your Lodge, the organization and what BPOE Stands for in our country.

We continue the rich tradition of service to those in need. Throughout our history this commitment has manifested itself in the numerous programs we support - focusing on youth, veterans and the disabled - and charities in the greater community of Marin County.

Please donate to the 1108 Campaign

The 1108 Campaign has two parts.

Part one begins on 11-08 and is specifically designed as a year-long campaign to support the Lodge through financial pledges.

The second part will happen at a future time - when we can open the Mansion and the Lodge Grounds once again without restrictions - a Grand Re-opening Party highlighting a few of our favorite events missed in 2020 because of the pandemic. Hopefully to take place in late summer or early fall 2021.

Choose a monthly / quarterly/ semi-annual/ plan from the appropriate links below to set up the recurring pledge of your choice from its checkout page. Alternatively, you may make a one-time donation using the red button.

You choose the amount: $11.08 - $110.80 - $1,108.00 or whatever you can afford to help us continue in our Benevolent Tradition.

The following Lodge members have donated so far - some monthly, quarterly and with a one-time donation. We are now over $16,000....Thanks to all!