Membership at Lodge #1108:

Want to help on the membership committee? 

Please contact Monica McMillan at to be part of the investigating team, orientation group, or calling prospective candidates with Elk information.

Invite a friend or family member to join. and submit an online invitation - red button in top left corner of page!

(applications available for friends and family – invite someone!)

Lodge Membership Stats:

Beginning Membership 4/1/2023: 516

Membership as of: 8/1//2023: 558

Average Age: 60

Life Members: 21

Candidates awaiting Initiation:

Janice Marchi-Varlow by Fred Calonico, San Rafael, RN

Daniel Barry by Monica McMillan, San Rafael, dentist

Tom Van Pelt by Stuart Watson, San Rafael, construction

Brooksley Dixon by Troy Bachich, San Rafael, store manager

Mick Kabanuck by Kabanuck (Petaluma Elk), Fairfax, dad

Janis Callon by Dennis McNell, Marin

Ocean Michelle by Petaluma member, Marin, Therapist

Mariel McCarter by Brendan Lydon, San Anselmo, at home mom

Kimia Vaughan by Monica McMillan, San Rafael