Welcome to our newest members:

Nikole Mackenzie, Michael Hamm, Jay Trimble, Steve Partee, Matthew Twitty, Marian Barber, Carrie Walsh, Sean Walsh, Mike Dominguez, Art Barton, Nadine Greenwood, Heather Hanna, Gary Hanna, Rick Huckstepp, Laura Kandell, Georgette Steudlein, Frank Lucchese, Chris Lynch, Jennifer Nicolaisen, Bob Placak, Rich Reesink, Yolita Nowak, Darragh Caffrey, Abraham Aljundi

Reinstatements and 1108 Associates: David Schaeffer from #901 Petaluma; Frank from Nevada City

Pending Candidates: (proposer)

Tomas Kaselionis, Novato by Fred Calonico

Deborah Gray, Kentfield by Susan Angel

Ben Sall, Corte Madera by Susan Angel

Skye Olsen, by Matt Caselli

Evelyn Harley, San Rafael by Monica McMillan

Kathleen Waterbury, San Rafael by Brian Waterbury

Brigitte Waterbury, San Rafael, by Brian Waterbury

Alaisha Hellman, San Rafael by Sydney Fairbairn

Devon Brewer, San Rafael by Sydney Fairbairn

Robert Philkill, Kentfield by Leigha From

Want to help on the membership committee? 

Please contact Leigha From at Leigha14@me.com to be part of the investigating team, orientation group, or calling prospective candidates with Elk information.

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Lodge Membership Stats:

Beginning Membership 4/1/2021: 417

Membership to Date 09/22/2021: 510

Average Age: 61

Life Members: 24