Welcome to our newest members:

Zoe Hunter, Cynthia Briggs, Christopher Barnes, Linda Palermo, Lucien Lewis, Krista Dixon

Reinstatements and 1108 Associates: Peter Serchia, Jake Kerswell, Jason Ford

Pending Candidates:

Andrea Hunter

Erin Hoff

Skyler Olsen

Kristen Palmer

Andrew Sell

Keith Ryan

Elizabeth Kyburg

Steven Buhler

Sebia Petrovich

Amy Malick

Mark Wright

Nina Schuyler

Steve Partee

Mikelle Mooney

Dave Rees

Maura Mattoon

Want to help on the membership committee? 

Please contact Leigha From Leigha14@me.com  to be part of the investigating team, orientation group, or calling prospective candidates with Elk information.

Invite a friend or family member to join. Elks.org and submit an online invitation - red button in top left corner of page!

(applications available for friends and family – invite someone!)

Lodge Membership Stats:

Beginning Membership 4/1/2021: 416

Membership to Date 05/25/2021: 437

Average Age: 59

Life Members: 27