Welcome our newest members:

Robert Ignoffo, John Coates (first 2 virtual initiations in our lodge)

Reinstatements and Associates: none

Membership Effort – Add to our Group of Elks (the new and the old)

Our lodge thrives with new members, creative ideas, fresh energy along with the support and wisdom of existing members.  We encourage everyone to invite a friend or family member to become a member this year. 

Want to help on the membership committee? 

Please contact Leigha From Leigha14@me.com  to be part of the investigating team, orientation group, or calling prospective candidates with Elk information.

Invite a friend or family member to join. Elks.org and submit an online invitation - red button in top left corner of page!

(applications available for friends and family – invite someone!)

Mimi Haberfelde by Sharon Roe

James vonBima by Ray Mullin

Pauline Barry by Leigha From

Kathleen Hazelton-Leech by Leigha From

Ryan Brown by Leigha From

Lia Valentino by Leigha From

Davidson Johnson by Leigha From

Curtis Woodman by Leigha From

Alsion Gervais by Leigha From

Lodge Stats:

Beginning Membership 4/1/2020: 479

Membership to Date 5/1/2020: 481

Average Age: 56

Life Members: 23