Welcome to our newest members:

Tom Cummings, Terri Cummings, Lorena Garbarino, Barbara Weldon, Steven "Bob" Cook, Heidi Dickert, Meredith Espinoza, Gerry Donato, Sarah Ferris

Reinstatements and 1108 Associates: Don Jennings, Valerie Lane, Frank Marshall

Pending Candidates: (proposer)

Mary Knox by Joe Tato

Ed Walera by Sean Walsh

Jesus Velarde by Leigha From

Denise Foster by Eric Holm

Patricia McGoon by Joe Tato

Thomas O'Callaghan

Susan Ferrington

Want to help on the membership committee? 

Please contact Leigha From at Leigha14@me.com to be part of the investigating team, orientation group, or calling prospective candidates with Elk information.

Invite a friend or family member to join. Elks.org and submit an online invitation - red button in top left corner of page!

(applications available for friends and family – invite someone!)

Lodge Membership Stats:

Beginning Membership 4/1/2021: 417

Membership to Date 03/01/2022: 532

Average Age: 61

Life Members: 22