San Rafael Elks Lodge #1108 and our Order of Elks is a membership organization that offers support and services for our members.

Our Lodge strives to support our members and their families by providing a great gathering place for Elks, their families and guests. We offer fantastic dinners, a bar, a pool with a view of Mt. Tamalpais that is spectacular. Our clubhouse is an old Victorian mansion, and there is a large terrace lined with maple trees. It is a safe place for kids to frolic by the pool or at a family dinner night. The San Rafael Elks also support our members' community and charitable interests through such actions a providing a venue, volunteers and/or funds in support of the good causes where they focus their time.

Out and About in Elkdom

When traveling, San Rafael Elks Lodge #1108 members are not only members of our Lodge, but members of all Lodges in the Benevolent Protective Order of Elks. Wherever an Elk roams in America, there is usually a great Lodge, small or large, to make part of their trip. 

Travel ideas: 

  • Dropping in at Merced Lodge #1240 for lunch on the way to Yosemite
  • Eureka Lodge #652 has one of the best crab feeds you'll experience
  • San Francisco Lodge #03 is spectacularly historic in all ways imaginable and offers lunch served Monday through Friday, a pool and a gym, 
  • Hawaii Lodge #616 is on Waikiki Beach
  • Alameda Lodge #1015 is about as social and active as a Lodge can get - including killer Sunday Brunch on the way home from the airport.

Amenities may include RV hookups, libraries, boat slips, lunch/dinners & bars, pools and above all, a welcoming group of fellow Elks to get to know on your travels. Just search for Elks Lodges on the Internet and start planning your trip!