San Rafael Elks Lodge #1108 and our Order of Elks is a membership organization that offers support and services for our members and the charities they support.

Our Lodge strives to support our members and their families by providing a great gathering place for Elks, their families and guests. We offer fantastic dinners, a bar, and a pool with a view of Mt. Tamalpais that is spectacular. Our clubhouse is an old Victorian mansion, and there is a large terrace lined with maple trees. It is a safe place for kids to frolic by the pool or at a family dinner night.

The San Rafael Elks also support our members' community and charitable interests through such actions as providing a venue, volunteers and/or funds in support of the good causes where they focus their time. A member can suggest an organization, cause or event and the Lodge will usually support the endeavor. Examples would be the northern California Camp Fire victims, the Albert Park Flagpole, and most recently St. Vincent's Kitchen during the pandemic, with the Elks Kitchen Cares program that made lunches for over 6 weeks when St. Vincent's own kitchen was closed.

Lodge 1108 also supports many other Marin County non-profits through the Allensby Charity Trust Fund. Celebrating its 34th year, the Trust supports small deserving nonprofit agencies that only serve our local community. Read more HERE...

Out and About in Elkdom

When traveling, San Rafael Elks Lodge #1108 members are not only members of our Lodge, but members of all Lodges in the Benevolent Protective Order of Elks. Wherever an Elk roams in America, there is usually a great Lodge, small or large, to make part of their trip. 

Travel ideas: 

  • Dropping in at Merced Lodge #1240 for lunch on the way to Yosemite
  • Eureka Lodge #652 has one of the best crab feeds you'll experience
  • San Francisco Lodge #03 is spectacularly historic in all ways imaginable and offers lunch served Monday through Friday, a pool and a gym, 
  • Hawaii Lodge #616 is on Waikiki Beach
  • Alameda Lodge #1015 is about as social and active as a Lodge can get - including killer Sunday Brunch on the way home from the airport.

Amenities may include RV hookups, libraries, boat slips, lunch/dinners & bars, pools and above all, a welcoming group of fellow Elks to get to know on your travels. Just search for Elks Lodges on the Internet and start planning your trip!