The annual swim season started on April 1.

Pay for your annual member, family, or partner swim pass for 2023 now.

You must create a SignupGenius account to reserve a Lap Swim slot.

Read the instructions regarding how to reserve and delete a slot with your account.

You must have an annual swim pass (for a member, member/partner, or family), a daily swim pass ($15), or a set of ten passes ($100) to swim from April 1 through October 31.

All swimmers in the pool area should be signed in on arrival.

Please apply sunblock BEFORE VISITING the pool!

Our outdoor pool is open seven days a week!

Swim Information for April 1 to October 31

All swimmers in the pool area should be signed in on arrival.

Lap Swim

  • Reserve lanes on SignupGenius.
  • 4 lanes before 12:00 p.m..
  • 1 lane after 12:00 p.m.
  • 1 swimmer per lane (or 2 family members in same lane).
  • Patrons can use Open Swim lanes for lap swim if there are limited or no Open Swimmers.

Open Swim

  • No signup is required, but please sign in all swimmers.
  • 3 lanes from 12:00 p.m. to closing.
  • Float, splash, exercise, or swim laps.
  • Patrons can use Lap Swim lanes for Open Swim if there are limited or no Lap Swimmers.
  • Parents/guardians must ACTIVELY supervise children.

Basic Guidelines and Rules

- Pool use is for current Elk Membership Card AND Swim Pass Holders. Lap Swimmers must sign up, and all pool users must be signed in. This includes members, family, and guests.

 - A reservation is REQUIRED for Lap Swim through our ONLINE system, SignUpGenius. Reservations for Open Swim are no longer required.

  • You must create an account to reserve a slot (only do this once).
  • If you are signing up for more people than just yourself (i.e., guests, children), indicate so in the "My Comments" field during the sign-up process.
- Sign In: All people entering the pool must sign in and pay (if applicable).
- Equipment: Bring your own water bottles, sunblock, goggles, towels, kickboards, flotation devices, etc.  
  • Please apply sunblock BEFORE VISITING the pool!
  • Please take home your flotation devices.

-  There is no staff to close down the pool each day. If you are the last to use the pool, please put on the pool covers (instructions are on the table in the cabana) and close and lock the bathroom and cabana doors. Thank you!

- Guests: $15 per person, or buy 10 passes for $100. Otherwise, please purchase a seasonal pass (under Membership Dues & Fees).