Exalted Ruler Doug Monti, Leading Knight Jennifer O'Mara, Loyal Knight Stewart Munson, Lecturing Knight Virginia Davis, Esquire Jeffrey Hall, Chaplain Jessica Canty, Inner Guard Gerald Robinson, Tiler Debby Flickinger, Treasurer Dean Aure, Secretary Monica McMillan
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Lodge officers perform the Initiation Ritual and other ritual and Lodge services throughout the year for our membership. You will find them at Lodge meetings, activities and out in public representing our Lodge in the community for special events. Please contact one of the officers if you are interested in joining this leadership team.

Secretary Monica McMillan and Treasurer Dean Aure are Lodge officers, but not performing officers.


1 year - George Kokalis, 2 year - Alan Quinton (PER), 3 year - Sydney Fairbairn (PER), 4 year - Ken Hauser, 5 year - Tom From

The trustees are the governing body of the lodge finances. Budget, charitable disbursements, and all lodge revenue and expenditures are under the oversight of the trustees. Meetings are open to all members on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month at 6:00 pm. Contact Alan for agenda requests:

House Committee

Chair Jennifer O'Mara

The operation and management of the club facilities is under the supervision of the House Committee. These are appointed one year terms. Pool rules, lodge hours, member disputes, maintenance of the grounds, pricing structures and staffing all fall under the responsibilities of the House Committee. All members are invited to attend the semi-monthly meetings on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month at 6:30 pm. Send agenda items to:

Lodge Committees

Accident Prevention - George Kokalis
Activities - Debby Flickinger
Americanism & Essay Contest - Stewart Munson, PER
Auditing & Accounting - Max Schrank
ELK Beer Booth - Joe Tato, PER
Bequests & Living Trusts - Bob Meier, PER
Booster - Doris Cardinal
Communications - Constanza Perry
Drug Awareness - Lynn Fox
Elks National Foundation - Stewart Munson, PER
ENF Grants - Max Schrank, Joe Tato
Environmental - Jen O'Mara
Flag Day - Stewart Munson, PER
Government Relations - Sydney Fairbairn, PER
Hoop Shoot - Marco Buoncristiani
House Committee - Jen O'Mara
Interns - Ben Sall, Alexander McQuilkin
Membership & Investigation - Leigha From
Memorial Day - Stewart Munson, PER
Music Series - Brian Waterbury, Dennis McNell PER
Orientation - Joe Tato PER / Bob Meier PER
PER Association - Bob Meier PER
Purple Pig (CHEMPI) - Jen O'Mara
Public Relations - Katharine Whipple
Ritual Contest - Mark Giosso, PER
Scholarships - Marcella & Ken Hauser
Scouting - Doris Cardinal
Soccer Shoot - Marco Buoncristiani
Veterans - Peter Behr
Volunteers - Debby Flickinger
Website - Content: Monica McMillan, Doris Cardinal
Website - UX: Melanie Lamoureux
Youth Activities - OPEN

All members are invited to join a committee, or help out at individual events and activities. The more you put into the Lodge, the more you'll get out!