DAP at San Rafael Lodge 1108

The mission of the Elks Drug Awareness Program is to promote constructive and cooperative approaches to the prevention of the use of illicit substances by the youth of the United States of America. As the largest volunteer drug awareness program in the United States, the program relies on state, district and Lodge volunteers to promote a drug-free lifestyle. The Elks are committed to eliminating the use and abuse of illegal drugs by all members of society but strongly believe that in order to ensure a bright future for our country we must educate our youth ― and those who serve them ― in the dangers of using drugs and alcohol, smoking and vaping.

The Drug Awareness Program at Lodge 1108, under the direction of Committee Chair Lynn Fox, Ph.D., along with the Core Team of the DAP Committee, is the preeminent leader in our region in the prevention of youth drug use through education and inspiration. We are very proud of our dedicated army of volunteers who freely give their time and talents to this most noble cause.
Lodge 1108 and our DAP Committee are the hosts of many important events, articles and conferences that bring together some of the brightest minds in local, regional and national efforts in the battle against substance abuse. The Lodge brings together educators, law enforcement and government agencies in review and the dissemination of the most timely and relevant materials currently available.

Press Releases and Articles

Dr. Lynn Fox Honored with 2020 Distinguished Citizen Award
Smoke Free Marin Coalition: Smoking & Vaping Worsen Virus
Virtual Ways to Celebrate Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Awareness Month - Booster, October 2020

RED RIBBON WEEK is officially celebrated annually October 23-31, and  is the nation’s oldest and largest drug prevention aware-ness program....Read more HERE

New CDC Date Confirms Concerning Trends in Youth Marijuana Use - Booster, September 2020

Finds marijuana use in the number one risk factor for future prescription opioid misuse. New data from the Youth Risk Behavior Survelliance System (YRBS), an annual survey conducted the the Centers for Disease Prevention (CDC) confirms concerning trends when it come to substance abuse, especially marijuana use, in high school students...... Read the full article HERE

Effects of Marijuana on Adolescent Health - Booster, August 2020

Adolescents are highly vulnerable to marijuana use. Their brains undergo complex changes in size, structure, and function until reaching maturation by the age of 26. Frequent marijuana use during this critical time period is associated with modifications in part of the brain involved in...... Click HERE for full article

Summertime and Youth Binge Drinking - Booster, July 2020

Binge Drinking is having 5 or more drinks on a single occasion. 90% of drinking by youth under the age of 21 years is Binge Drinking. 70,000 students between the ages of 18-24 are affected by Binge Drinking. Read more HERE

Vaping, Smoking and COVID-19 - Booster, June 2020

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, smoking cigarettes, using e-cigarettes, or smoking or vaping marijuana can all increase risk of chronic respiratory conditions, making COVID-19 infection a grave concern for those who use such products. Click HERE for full article

COVID-19: Potential Implications...Substance Abuse Disorders- Booster, May 2020

As  people  across  the  world  contend  with  coronavirus  disease  2019  (COVID-19),  the  research  community  should  be  alert  to  the  possibility  that  it  could  hit  some  populations  with  substance  use  disorders  (SUDs)  particularly hard. CLICK HERE to open the full Booster article. Click HERE for full article

Camarena Award Dinner & Ceremony - March 2020

The DEA and the Elks National Drug Awareness Program (DAP) teamed up to work in close collaboration, developing numerous educational products, such as flyers, pamphlets, videos, and educational events,on various aspects of drug awareness offering information for parents and youth. Click HERE for full article

CONFERENCE: Drugs and Our Community - Negative Impacts and Connecting for Positive Action - October 2019

The highlight of the 2019 Lodge 1108 Drug Awareness Program was a comprehensive 2-day interactive conference, held on October 17 & 18, 2019, that focused on the effects of drugs in the community and how the community can come together for positive actions. The conference was a great success with over 100 people attending.  Click HERE for information on the important event



Elks National Drug Awareness Program

The Elks National Drug Awareness Program strives to teach all children and parents about the dangers of illegal drug use and prevent the abuse of legalized and prescription drugs. Since 1982, the Elks have developed an effective, community-based drug-prevention program by partnering with federal agencies including the Drug Enforcement Agency, Office of National Drug Control Policy, Sub-stance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, and national organizations such as Pride Youth Programs. These partnerships en-sure the Elks Drug Awareness Pro-gram addresses the leading drug abuse issues facing communities today.

Taking pride in Community and in Youth. Taking action to Educate and to Inspire!