As always, please respect other members and remember the guidelines:

- The pool is open for limited use due to COVID guidelines.

- The pool is open from sunrise to sunset.

- You must pay for your guests and family members.


- Children must be supervised.

- Please clean up after yourself (use the recycling container; please dispose of dirty diapers and food containers at home).

- Do a few extra chores around the area to make it nice for everyone!

In 2018-2019, the Lodge spent $92,000 to bring our pool and decking up to County code, repaired plumbing, and performed pipe work to make the filter and pump system work more efficiently.

We need approximately $35,000 to retire the pool work loan.
You also can donate to upgrade the pool covers (they are required during the drought and are essential over the winter); and/or purchase a second pool cover roller.

Click here to donate!

(select Pool Renovation and choose an amount)

Please send checks to:

San Rafael Elks

PO Box 150789

San Rafael, CA 94915