Through San Rafael Elks Lodge’s continuing collaborative partnership with Corporate Visions, donor Bob Gordon, and Tony Tam & Bicycle Odyssey of Sausalito, ten Laurel Dell Elementary 4th graders were awarded new bicycles, helmets, and locks.  San Rafael Elks Lodge funded eight of these bike sets through an Elks National Foundation (ENF) grant.

Students wrote letters indicating why they deserved to have a bicycle. Their aspirations included exercising, riding to and from school, helping their parents, and riding trails with family and friends.

This is the third year that Elks, Corporate Visions, Bob Gordon and Bicycle Odyssey worked together to make this community giving event happen.

Much thanks to Dennis McNell for submitting the proposal for ENF funding, Corporate Visions for organizing and their donation, as well as Bob Gordon for participating for the 4th year in supplying a bicycles, helmets and locks.

San Rafael Elks has provided 37 bicycles, Corporate Visions provided 45, and Bob Gordon 4 bicycle, for a total of 86 bicycles donated to kids at three Marin schools:  Martin Luther King Elementary, Bahia Elementary, and Laurel Dell Elementary.

We look forward to continuing this project in 2019 and onward.  For more information, please contact Dennis at