BLT Legacy Giving,  an Invaluable part of the California Hawaii Major Project (Purple Pig)

It is important to understand the importance that the Bequests and Living Trusts have in the California Hawaii Major Project. The Major Project was started in 1950 and continues having helped thousands of children over the years.

What is the Work of the Major Project?

The Major Project, begun in 1950 funds 34 therapists to provide in-home physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech and language therapy. Additionally 10 vision screeners perform preschool vision tests. The project also funds ongoing training for our therapists and scholarships for students with disabilities.

What is the connection between BLT and the Major Project?

The BLT is a vital funding source for the future of the Major Project. The BLT could, if necessary provide money to carry out the functions of the Major Project if the Exalted Rulers March does not fully fund the work of the Major Project.

BLT “kick starts” the funding for the State Project income yearly.


How does the Program Work?

There are a number of ways to give:

The BLT Legacy Trust Fund is where all gifts made to the Major Project or “Purple Piggy Bank” that are greater than $500 are placed. These funds grow from year to year and can only be expended by a vote of the Trustees of the Major Project.

From 1991 the Legacy Trust Fund has grown from zero to more than $25 million dollars. The Legacy Trust Funds become the principal whose interest ensures the future of the Major Project.

The BLT Commitment Trust was created in 1989 to recognize Elks, their spouses and others who have made a commitment to the Major Project through the Benefactors Program. This program requires a minimum of $10,000 investment. To participate an individual need only notify the CHEA office in Fresno that they have made provisions from their estate for the Major Project. These donors will receive a special pin and plaque upon acceptance of the gift.


What are some potential benefits of the Commitment Trust?

There are possible tax deductions for the gift as well as annual income of $700 for the first year and continued annual income of 7% of the value of the trust for the remainder of two lives. The remaining funds then pass on to the Major Project.


In what form can BLT gifts be donated?

BLT gifts can be in the form cash, check or credit card.

Gifts can also be in the form of securities, real estate, life insurance interests, retirement interests and charitable trust interests.


What is the process for giving?

Contact the BLT Chairperson, Vice Chairperson or CHEA Fresno office at 5450 E. Lamona Avenue, Fresno CA 93727-2224. 

Email is

Telephone is 1-800-742-1907

A CHEMPI Investment Specialist will discuss detailed information regarding the specific of your gift. Documents will then be prepared for your signature. Your gift will be appreciated and recognized and most importantly the children will benefit for years to come.