AALM - Americans Against Legalizing Marijuana

Speak Up: Talk to your friends, your kids, their friends, elected officials. Correct the false information that is harming our kids, communities, society.

AALM Current Facts and LINKS about Marijuana Harm:
• Addiction - One of every 6 kids who try marijuana will become addicted; 50% of daily adolescent users will succumb to addiction as well
• Dropping Out - Teens under age 17 who use marijuana every day are 60 percent less likely to graduate from high school
• Moving On To Other Drugs - Teen users are eight times more likely to use other illicit drugs later in life
• Psychosis - Users have twice the risk of having a psychotic break than non-users and daily users have a 4 times greater risk
• Schizophrenia - Users are six times as likely to develop schizophrenia as non-users
• Suicide - Teen users are 7 times more likely to attempt suicide than their non-using peers
• Adult Addiction is now seen as a childhood-onset disease! 90% of adult addicts started using something (marijuana, alcohol, nicotine, other) before 18

Prevention begins prior to birth and continues throughout the life course.

Video - raise awareness on prevention
Understanding protective factors and how to build strong healthy youth and families can help prevent youth from experiencing adverse childhood experiences and initiating into substance use.
Check out and share this new video and resources to raise awareness on prevention and help build drug-free youth and families.