COVID-19 Stay at home ordinances. Sheltering-in-Place decrees. The constant, and rising, risk of infection of a deadly virus…

NOTHING, it seems, deters drug or sex addicts from going after what they want. As COVID hit Marin County & the SF Bay, one would think the fear of infection would cause people to pause, to slowdown, to reflect. But...

Not the addict’s desire of sex with children... Not the addict of alcohol, marijuana, vaping and Juuls... NOTHING could be farther than the truth.

Adults with too much time on their hands, turn to the internet. Children out-of-school lacking excitement, go online. Drug dealers and traffickers find their prey, befriending them on social media.



Child sexual exploitation, JANUARY-JUNE 2020:

• 93.33% increase in online enticement

• ‘Pandemic opportunity’ Predators openly discuss getting children to send sexually explicit material

• Free viewing Porn companies begin offering

• 4,700% increase in porn searches with kids out-of-school


• Report what you notice:

- On Internet/Social Media:

- By phone: 1-888-373-7888

• Teach kids refusal skills for digital dangers,

YES, even your young ones -


• Learn about trafficking in your neighborhood:

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