Cannabis use in adolescence and risk of Psychosis  The following factors contribute to the relationship between cannabis use and the risk of psychosis: 1) age of onset of cannabis use, 2) frequent cannabis use, 3) exposure to childhood trauma, 4) concurrent use of other substances and 5) genetic factors. Conclusion: Adolescent cannabis use is associated with an increased risk for psychosis later in life.


Cannabis-Induced Psychosis: A Review RubyS.Grewal,MD,TonyP.George,MD,FRCPC


Video by Dr. David Rettew, MD  says it all in 6 minutes



Marijuana use and Schizophrenia  by Dr. Erik Messamore, Feb 2021


The risk of schizophrenia jumps by more than 300% among regular cannabis users. This is a well-established fact. Emerging scientific findings are more supportive of a causal relationship – that regular cannabis use actually drives the extra schizophrenia risk. The anandamide-depletion hypothesis can explain how regular cannabis makes schizophrenia more likely. Inflammation is a major contributor to psychosis. The brain’s own cannabinoid substance, anandamide, rises during inflammation and is part of a natural anti-inflammatory response. Regular exposure to plant-derived cannabinoids reduces the brain’s ability to produce its own cannabinoids. This would make the frequent marijuana user more vulnerable to the effects of brain inflammation and thus more prone to develop a schizophrenia-like psychosis.

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